1. subsleuth00

    Stripe Reporting - Subscriptions

    I’m having a really hard time with Stripe’s UI and reporting, especially for subscriptions. I need to get total overall figures of subscriber (including free trial, free plans, paid, etc) for year end 2023 and all figures keep changing. Within their UI the product catalogue and home page...
  2. gigipmc

    XFCoder :: Censored Posts Reporter 1.0.0

    Automatically reports posts with censored content once they are created or edited. You can edit the report comment in the add-on phrases.
  3. X

    Report Centre Essentials 2.12.1

    This add-on requires Report Improvements (free) add-on Implements report queues, with auto-assignment rules and handy search links Multiple queues to manage reports with Admin-defined (Under AdminCP => Content => Reports => Manage Queues) Usergroup-based access to queues Flexible...
  4. X

    Unmaintained Report Queues And Stats 1.3.4

    Extend Report Centre with multiple report queues and queue auto-assignment rules. Add-on requirements If Report Improvements is installed; Requires Report Improvements v1.7.3 or newer Enhanced Search Improvements v1.2.0 or newer. This add-on requires write permission to directory...
  5. Alpha1

    Better functionality to report and moderate illegal hate speech

    As the first EU nation has now approved a bill to impose hefty multimillion fines on communities for not removing abusive content within 24 hours, we are in dire need of better functionality for content flagging, reporting and moderation. More information below. We need to have functionality to...
  6. KnoxVegas

    Better Reporting for Users

    Hello, I'm looking to see if anyone know of some good reporting for xenforo via a plugin/addon? I would love to be able to see what users are active, or last activity on the forums, how many posts and so forth just by looking on the backend. Also maybe more reporting on the users? Does...
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