Report Centre Essentials

Report Centre Essentials 2.4.1

No permission to buy ($45.00)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
  1. 2.1
  2. 2.2
Additional requirements
php 7.0+
Standard Library by Xon
Report Improvements add-on (v2.6.0+, free)
Search Improvements add-on (free) to make the search links work as expected
Updates duration
12 Months ($30 Yearly Renewal + HST)
This add-on requires Report Improvements (free) add-on

Implements report queues, with auto-assignment rules and handy search links
  • Multiple queues to manage reports with
    • Admin-defined (Under AdminCP => Content => Reports => Manage Queues)
    • Usergroup-based access to queues
    • Flexible auto-assignment rules
  • Optional, Auto-report on new threads in a set of forums
  • Overview page with all report queues
  • Opt-out of report queues to display in the mod bar
  • Report & moderator statistics on the front-end
  • Adds search links to reports, threads and user card to quickly find reports & warnings.
Usergroup-based access to queues
May define a list of user groups who can see and interact with a queue

Flexible admin-defined auto-assignment rules
  • Admin-defined (Under AdminCP => Content => Reports => Manage queue rules)
  • Auto-create reports on new threads in a forum
    • Optional on the user-group of reporter
  • For reports:
    • Optional on the user-group of reporter user
    • Optional on the user-group of reported user
    • Content types
  • Options for each criteria:
    • Ignore this criterion
    • At least one selected
    • All selected
    • None of the selected
Report & Moderator Statistics
  • Displays graph of moderator activity for:
  • Reports Handled
  • Report Comments
  • Moderator actions
  • Reports resolved per month
  • Reports made per day of month
  • Reports per forum
All reports downloadable as CSV files.
Permission controlled, admin group enabled by default.
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First release
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Latest updates

  1. 2.4.1 - Bugfix update

    Reduce memory usage when computing pre-user-per-report-queue counts Fix potential infinite...
  2. 2.4.0 - Bugfix & XF2.2 compatibility update

    Require php 7.0+ Require Report Improvements v2.6.0+ Now depends on Standard Library by Xon...
  3. 2.3.4 - Information disclosure fix

    Fix information disclosure leak via old XF1.x user report's previous reported content history...

Latest reviews

A very useful add-on for large forums, which completely solves its problems, it is convenient to track complaints and team work and not only.
Xon has some of the most useful addons and this is one of them. He also has unrivaled support. Literally fixing bugs within a day.
Report Center is very useful for big boards or active mods. The queue feature is interesting, the add functions are helpful and the stats are nice to see. thanks!
On my large forum, handling even the report center becomes an inefficient and tedious task. This brings many quality of life features required for a board where dozens of reports are constantly being made with hundreds of active and online users.
This add-on is very useful in increasing moderation efficiency and ease-of-use. On a larger forum, the one large report list becomes difficult to manage, and automatic reporting to bring attention to common issues is extremely useful.