Report Centre Essentials

Report Centre Essentials 2.0.11

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  • Fix possible "Unknown column 'queue_rule_from_nodes_matching' in 'field list'" during an XF1 upgrade
  • Fix incorrect search link for "all reports against a thread" from a thread
  • Fix the "moderator actions" report which did not display correctly with large number of moderators
  • Only resolve report in approval queue if an action is performed
  • Fix approval queue support for XF2.1+
  • Fix potential "[TypeError] Argument 1 passed to ....\Report::setContent() must be an instance of XF\Mvc\Entity\Entity, null given" error
  • Fix potential call to undefined function 'getBreadcrumbs'
  • Only show non-user limited report search links if XF Enhanced Search or Search Improvements (v2.1.0+) are installed
  • Only show 'move queue' in-line mod operation if more than 1 queue is viewable
  • Compatibility update, tweak order classes and templates are extended in.
  • Fix report queue assignment
    • Recommend checking queue assignment rules are pointing to the right queues
  • Fix multiprefix support
  • Migrate queue rules which trigger from the content type for XF1 AlterEgo Detector to the content type for Signup Abuse Detection & Blocking
  • Fix up queue rule assignment editing UI