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  1. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Moderator Tools 2.0.0

    Extended moderation tools: Removing reactions from any content (single or all, Moderator Log supported) Mark user discouraged Edit user's birthday Removing reactions (manually from reaction list or in date range (like in ACP, but better)) Removing content votes manually from vote list (requires...
  2. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Close Report: block member from re-reporting same issue.

    Some members will never give up. After you deny a report they will keep reporting the same thing ad infinitum. When this happens its highly annoying. We cannot do anything to stop them. Please add functionality to block a member from re-reporting the same issue.
  3. Sim

    Lack of interest Add "getContentDate" abstract function to Report handler

    Report handlers for the various content types in XF2 make it easy for us to extract information about the report regardless of the content type being reported. We already have abstract functions getContentTitle, getContentMessage and getContentLink defined in \XF\Report\AbstractHandler It...
  4. Sim

    Store report in database even when sending reports to forum

    When sending reports to a forum rather than using the report centre, there is no report data saved in the database - the system simply creates a thread in the selected forum. It would still be useful for stats and tracking troublesome users if the reports were stored in the database as well -...
  5. Alpha1

    Staff Functionality: Delete Conversation (Legally Required Functionality)

    There have been a lot of requests for this functionality but it has never resulted in a good nor popular suggestion. Many threads on the topic here: Now on to what functionality is requested and why: If a conversation...
  6. S

    XF 1.5 How do I close posts posted by users?

    Hello everyone! I have a problem I can not solve. How much a user posts a post, this is reported in "reports". When I "deleted" the problem, how do I report the post in the "reports" as resolved and delete the notifications? Thank you.
  7. X

    Unmaintained Report Queues And Stats 1.3.4

    Extend Report Centre with multiple report queues and queue auto-assignment rules. Add-on requirements If Report Improvements is installed; Requires Report Improvements v1.7.3 or newer Enhanced Search Improvements v1.2.0 or newer. This add-on requires write permission to directory...
  8. Alpha1

    Lack of interest Display number of reports about this member

    If the sidebar block in a report would also display the number of previous reports about the member, then it would be easier to spot problematic users. If this would also be displayed on profile and member card, then this would make things easier for moderators.
  9. Alpha1

    Better functionality to report and moderate illegal hate speech

    As the first EU nation has now approved a bill to impose hefty multimillion fines on communities for not removing abusive content within 24 hours, we are in dire need of better functionality for content flagging, reporting and moderation. More information below. We need to have functionality to...
  10. Alpha1

    Germany bill imposing €50M fine for failure to remove online hate crime, fake news fast enough

    More: The UK has something similar in the works. I'm sure other EU countries will...
  11. Alpha1

    Google will let users flag offensive content

    Recently Google came under fire for showing offensive search results. Google has now responded in away that affects us all: Google adds tool to flag 'offensive' search results This means that if any of your forum threads contain offensive content or content that could be flagged as offensive...
  12. X

    Unmaintained Warning Acknowledgement 1.2.11

    Strongly recommend Report Improvements (v1.3.4) also be installed. Requires Warning Improvements (v1.3.2) be installed and active. Warning Acknowledgement tracks if a user has acknowledged a warning and (optional) prevents a warned user from doing things like the following until they...
  13. Bionic Rooster

    XF 1.5 report center and moderation queue

    Where exactly are these settings found? If they are in permissions what are they called? I can't seem to locate the settings even after privileges are set for moderating.
  14. Alpha1

    EU court: pay damages for ineffective Post Report moderation system.

    Please read this EU court ruling: Here is a rundown: It concerns Delfi, a big board which received 10,000 new posts per day. 20 abuse posts were posted to a thread but were not noticed by staff. The type of posts are...
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