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Ryan Kent

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I have integrated Google Translate into my site. It works fantastic with one issue. When a page is translated, the user is logged out. As I understand the process, Google basically is viewing the site as a guest.

Can anyone think of a way around this? Have a token placed on a pc when the Google Translate button is pressed allowing the login credentials to be passed to Google somehow? The logout issue is a big one for me because my forums has a worldwide audience and many viewers cannot read English.

If this can't work, does anyone use a different means to translate their site on the fly for users?

Ryan Kent

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Off topic: <your site is loading really really slow>
I appreciate the feedback. I just checked and my site loaded really fast even after a full refresh. I checked the site using the result was T1 1.44Mbps 0.31 seconds for my home page. I can only assume it was a momentary hiccup.

If you are looking for the Google Translate I have it integrated into my nav bar (Translate)

Jake Bunce

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You can't stay logged in while using Google translate.

You can translate the forum using language packs. But that won't translate threads and posts. I don't know of any solution for auto-translation if your forum isn't accessible to guests.