XF 2.2 What's the best way to translate Xenforo in 2020?


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Hi Guys!

What's the best way to translate Xenforo in 2020?
I do have a party translated xml file I imported it, great, but still missing a lot of the main translation lines.

Or is there a site I can download translation from? (I'm Hungarian).

If I have this file what's the best way to translate my Xenforo Forum?

Thanks for the help.


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So I do have option to translate the whole site even the registration form from APC?
I dont need to export import anything etc..?

I know I can give any name to my nodes and pages, but Im not sure about the registration form for example.... Or what about the themes?

Mr. Jinx

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Starting a new translation from scratch:
  1. Create a new language: ACP > Appearance > Languages > Add language (with no parent)
  2. Find all untranslated phrases: ACP > Appearance > Search phrases > Select your new language > Phrase status = unmodified
  3. You can narrow this down by selecting a specific Add-on, for example you would start with add-on 'XenForo'
  4. Start translating :)