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  1. CyberAP

    Option to only show untranslated phrases

    I am doing some translation work in XF 2 and it's not improved since 1.0. I think adding a simple toggle to only show untranslated phrases would help a lot for those who do complete translations. And please don't tell me to use search, it's not an alternative for huge translation projects.
  2. Esteban Alvarez

    GitHub Repository for Spanish Translation

    ¿Someone here wants to work together to create a Spanish translation for free use?. I created a repository on GitHub to make it possible https://github.com/estebancito/xenforo-spanish Thanks for the interest
  3. P

    XF 1.5 Cannot find translation for "Thread Title..." in xml

    I exported the english default language as .xml file and I cannot find the "Thread Title..." message that you get when creating a thread (before you enter a title to replace it). The phrase just isn't there. What am I doing wrong? It is the default english language file that I exported, I...
  4. Alfa1

    Automatically set language to browser language setting

    If a user has set their browser to an interface language setting then we can be fairly sure that they need the forum interface language in this language as well. Unless otherwise set in account settings, the user/member/guest should see the site in the same language as their browser.
  5. Alfa1

    Crowd language pack translations by CrowdIn

    XenForo translations are dependent upon someone who translates all UI phrases and releases this here. Often translations are lacking and do not get updates / corrections. Considering that xenforo end users are many millions this is a weakness that can be resolved. CrowdIn allows unlimited users...
  6. rafass

    Allow translate more things, user group, user tittle, etc..[Multi-lingual forums]

    [To Multi-lingual forums] Actually there are some things that can not be translated yet. Example: user tittle and user groups. (banners) The names of the styles can not be translated either.