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Best Hosting Company


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Hi guys,

I run many servers and have had several of them with different companies over the years. During that time I have seen well over 100,000,000 pageviews on my websites and faced every possible problem, hackers, rogue develops, crashing sites and so on. Sometimes all the above in a day. As I depart from them I would like to say they are the best hosting company ever! You are doing your business a favor by hosting with them. They will bend over backwards to help you succeed and their supervisory team is amazing.

I am not the kind of guy who has hosted a tiny wordpress website with a host and now loves my host. No, I have put in thousands of tickets and spends weeks on calls (total time) with LQ and they are hands-down the best hosting company ever. There prices are good too. Check them out here:



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I went through so many bad companies before I got to them... you wont need their level of support for a 1 page site but they are a huge asset to a community owner with a good number of views.

The best part is that they will help down to the code level if they can (best effort).


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Gonna keep that private since I have had issues before ;). I got to know about XF through you btw. I was searching the web, found your site and was like why is this guy using this crazy XenForo thing that no one has heard of (it was really new then). Now I am an addict :D