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Best Cheap VPS?


There's a lot of VPS hosts out there soooo I'm looking for help.

I'd like a Windows VPS I can remote desktop into as I would like to also run a game server every once in awhile as well as the site.

Advice which host to choose?



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What game are you planning on running? I don't really know many VPS hosts (especially not Windows) that allow you to run gameservers. You might be better off getting a small, cheap dedicated server. Of course that's going to raise your budget, but that might be your only option.


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You don't have to use Windows to remote desktop with it. Things like tigervnc are easy to set up.
Anyways, try lowendbox.com
The original idea was to purchase a windows VPS to install and run games as well as a forum but I scrapped that idea as it's much cheaper to just go for a linux based VPS and a separate game server, thanks for the help though dudes :)


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If you get DigitalOcean just use a different email client (e.g. Mandrill) since most of their IPs are blacklisted as spam with major email clients such as gmail/yahoo.


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Aren't they more expensive? I am on the $5/plan and don't really need anything more.
Linode 10$ plan has similar ram and storage to other comparable companies, but tends to be more consistent in networking, IO, and cpu available

If you can get by on a 5$ plan elsewhere, your project is too small for linode