XF 1.5 Basic question regarding upgrade process


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I am upgrading from XF 1.5.10 to 1.5.12, and this would be the first time I have some modified template before an update. So, I am a bit nervous not to mess up my current look.

So, I just want to reconfirm if my understanding of the update process is correct:

1) All template modifications on the 3rd party Add-ons will have no impact.
2) Among my custom template modifications, only "message_user_info" is listed as changed templates in XF 1.1.11 and XF 1.1.12 release notes.
  • For message_user_info, I should merge the current one and the new one.
  • For all other templates that I modified (i.e. sidebar_online_users), I should opt to keep the current modified one during the upgrade.
Please current me if I am wrong.


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All template modifications of the 3rd party Add-ons will have no impact.
Not necessarily.
If the template modifications target changed template code, they will no longer apply and you will have to upgrade to a compatible version of the add-on.

The same applies to any templates you have manually modified although you will be prompted in each case of changed templates.
In most cases you should be able to merge, otherwise you will need to revert and reapply your customisations.


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Thanks. And what about modified Style Properties? Will there be any change after the upgrade? Should I note down my Style Properties modifications as well?