XF 1.5 Upgrade Process Question


I have Xenforo 1.5.2 and have never upgraded before, so am unsure what to do so as to avoid screwing stuff up. So just have a couple of questions that aren't cleanly answered in the help file.

I have a Macbook Pro and use FireFTP as my FTP client. The database has also been fully backed up (using Navicat MySQL). And I have downloaded the latest upgrade package.

My primary question relates to uploading the files.

In the "Upload" folder there are four additional folders, along with a dozen or so individual files. To take for example the "Styles" folder - do I simply use FireFTP and copy it over in its entirety? When I attempted to do that, I was given the option in FireFTP to "overwrite" or "Overwrite All." If I select "overwrite all," will only the new, changed files in the Styles directory be overwritten - while files that aren't changed in the upgrade be maintained as they are on the server? Or will the "overwrite"/"overwrite all" essentially nuke everything inside the current styles directory on my server and replace it with the new styles folder?


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If you have cPanel, then the easiest thing to do is to upload the .zip archive and extract it directly on the server.

Otherwise, unzip it on your computer and upload all of the folders and files, overwriting what is already on the server.

If you have a custom style then it should be in a separate folder to the default style, so will be unaffected.


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You will have to go to the File Manager section of the cPanel and you can upload and extract the package from there. Make sure to overwrite your forum files with the files from the new version.