Backups to Amazon s3


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I'm in the process of evaluating and having someone set up regular backups to Amazon's S3. I could have full cPanel backups done (which I might), but I was think it would be helpful to have mySQL databases and specific critical folders. This way, I could restore quickly using core files and mySQL db.

From a XenForo standpoint, what folders should be backed up?

From a pure web server perspective, does this strategy make sense?


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The easiest way to ensure a backup is complete is to backup the entire xenforo folder along with the mysql database. You could just dump your data and internal data folders... but personally id take everything for the extra 2 seconds it will take to zip em.

From a server perspective, having off server backups is vital on any critical environment. Personally I prefer local access only FTP respoitories, but I know people who use S3, another server or vps or even gmail for backups.