RM 1.1 Backing Up Resource Manager Tables ?


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I'm going to be doing a big conversion of my articles system into the Resource Manager. Writing an importer just isn't practical, so instead I'm going to just copy / paste articles over.

I'll be making a lot of changes to the system while I'm importing the articles. This will include deleting everything and restoring back to previous versions of my setup. I'll want to maintain a backup of the Resource Manager resources, ratings, etc. and restore the individual tables from the RM as I do this.

My Questions:
In PhpMyAdmin can I simply export the SQL of a handful of specific files and then import them back into the DB after a restore? If so, which tables do I need to backup / restore?

(BTW, I don't think there is an existing RM export / import addon, but if there is, then that would be GREAT!)


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Partial imports/exports are not recommended and rarely work due to the inter-relationship between tables.

If any of the related data changes then it could cause data corruption and possibly orphaned records.


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Well, there goes my idea to spread out the process of manually importing from one system to another.

So, there isn't a finite number of tables touched when resources are created, or is everything just too interwoven for that to work?