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XF 1.4 Avatars and media forbidden after upgrade to 1.4.4 to 1.4.5


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I downloaded the XF and XFMG files, zipped them, uploaded them directly to Cpanel, extracted, upgraded.

Now all avatars and media gallery images are no longer showing, instead giving a 403 forbidden message.

I went though old threads here and checked the permissions on data and internal data - both were 755, so I changed them to 777. I've CHMODed all avatars and avatar folders to 777.

And yet the problem continues.

Any advice gratefully received.
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XenForo moderator
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If you are sure the the chmod values are correct, you could also check ownership (chown).

It seems strange for those folders to be affected when upgrading as they aren't touched.


XenForo developer
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You likely won't be able to chown them.

Note that if you're doing a chmod, it needs to be recursive to all sub-folders and files. If you still have problems, your host should be able to check what's going on exactly as the error is coming from a file that's being served by the web server directly.


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Turned out it was a rogue htaccess, with "deny all" in /data/!

No idea how that got there, but issue now addressed. :)