XF 1.4 Problem to upgrade from 1.4.4 to 1.4.6

While Iam Updating to the new Version 1.4.6 I get this Error Message:

First I uploaded alle Files from the "upload" Folger to my server and overwrite everythink.
Then the folders "data" and "internal_data" got the 0777 permessions and after this I startet the Upgrade....
In my Testarea there were no problems, but the Hot Site is now down for my Users.... :(


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This is likely related to a style that changed the structure of a style property you customized between upgrades (it isn't ideal).

The main way to deal with it is to get into the control panel to revert the property in question. You can get into the control panel while the upgrade is pending by putting this in library/config.php temporarily:
$config['checkVersion'] = true;
Then, you'll need to go to the "customized components" page for each of your styles. Look at any style properties that you have customized (particularly from a third-party style you installed). You should then revert them and attempt the upgrade again.

(You may wish to export your style first, though note that it may create this problem again if you import it directly.)
Hi! Thank for ur help.

I added now $config['checkVersion'] = true; to my config.php and reloadet the page.
when I type admin.php at the end of my link to get access to CP, them I'am becam redericted to the upgrade-page where I have to click for continuing the upgrade. If I do this, I get the same Erros like in my first Screenshot.
now I loaded my Style named "Fusion Style" as original and I overwrite the existed Folders with the original Folders in /styles
After this I could upgrade to the Version 1.4.6 and I see my Frontend. But If I want to login to the CP, there was only a white blank page!

If I type now /install at the end of my link, so I can rebuild the Master Data or start a new Installation for the Board.
I tryd to rebuild master data, but then I got the same Error like u see in my first Screenshot.
I dont know what would happen If I start a completle new Installation....