XF 2.1 Unable to upgrade from RC2 only new install


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I can't seem to get to upgrade, the system only wants to install fresh it appears. I uploaded the upgrade package twice and it always sends me to this:

Your server meets all of XenForo requirements and you're now ready to begin installation.


A configuration file already exists. Would you like to use the existing values?


XenForo is already installed in your database. Continuing will remove all XenForo-related data from your database!


You cannot proceed unless all XenForo database tables are removed.

If I goto admin.php I get

The site is currently being upgraded. Please check back later.

How to I trigger upgrade instead of fresh install?


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In general, the only way this would happen is if the library/config.php and internal_data/install-lock.php files are not available.

You can create a new install-lock.php file if necessary.


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The question is how that file disappeared. The upgrade package doesn't include the data or internal_data directories at all, so it normally shouldn't have touched that. That file is normally created when an install completes and is otherwise never removed.

Commonly, this happens when an FTP client is set to overwrite or sync a directory, which usually means it deletes files that weren't found in what you tried to upload. If this is the case, then that would tend to mean that avatars and attachments may be removed, so you should check that those directories are still present (under data and internal_data).

(You'd want the client to "merge" files, so it doesn't remove any files it shouldn't.)


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I don't see a "main xenforo 2 directory" in either the admin (where it has not as yet been installed) nor the folders to be uploaded.
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