Audioholics moves from vB to Xenforo


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You should tell them that they shouldn't run a live site in debug mode - I can see the debug mode details at the bottom of the forums.


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You tell 'em Super! Maybe volunteer to take over and show them how it's done?

Looks really good, I noticed some overlap issues with the sidebar in thread view

Hey guys, appreciate all the great feedback. Our forum is in debug mode temporarily while our ADMIN makes updates. WE are also getting ready to install Elastic so hopefully that helps improve search times and reduces bounce rate. I was a bit disappointed when our bounce rate went up 10% moving from Vbulletin to Xenforo. Fingers crossed we can improve this quickly and I welcome any further feedback from all here.


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That's too extreme. Just turning off debug mode will be sufficient.
I vote fire. Maybe rough him/her up a bit, too.

Anyhoo, I love how the thread likes are displayed on the thread listing:


Was that part of the Post Ratings addon?

If not and the admin added it, perhaps you can go light on the roughing up.

But not too light.

While I'm putting my foot in my mouth, are AVForums and Audioholics part of the same organization, or are they separate?