Add-on Asset Cleanup for XenForo


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XenForo pages load assets which are not used nor needed. When websites run addons this start piling up. If you open up the list of queries in debug mode this becomes evident. If you look at CSS and JS being loaded, as well.

Nowadays Google has made speed and Web Vitals a ranking signal which probably is going to become more important over time. See this thread:
So any admin that wants their website to rank higher in Google has a need for XenForo optimization.

@Kirby has released a valuable addon which unloads unused Font Awesome, which is great. A massive thanks to @Kirby for this!
@Xon has released various optimization addons.

After adding these addons, there still are a lot of assets and queries that XenForo loads and are not needed. Massively slowing down pages.
By comparison, for WordPress this amazing paid & popular addon exists:

I think that a similar plugin for XenForo would be a game changer.

This thread is a general request for any addon that unloads unneeded assets and queries. This is not a request for quotes. I want to signal that there is need and demand for this.
I'm looking into a feature for this in my XFOptimize addon. Currently, the ability to scan for bloated/unneeded LESS templates, things appended to Core templates, etc. Suggestions wanted.
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