HTTP Archive Core Web Vitals Technology Report Google Datastudio Dashboard


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Senior Google engineer Rick Viscomi has released a new HTTP Archive Core Web Vitals Technology report dashboard for Google Datastudio New dashboard: the Core Web Vitals technology report. You can see how respective web technology based sites are doing collectively for Google Core Web Vital metrics.

Drill down for tech I am interested in and/or use and Xenforo is included in the drilldown as is my Centmin Mod LEMP stack ! :cool:

I think @Kier @Mike @Chris D and folks could track Xenforo's trend over time for Core Web Vital metrics though it would be dependent on the XF theme and 3rd party resources each Xenforo forum deploys :)




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HTTP Archive's Core Web Vital Technology Report June 2021 update is out

Nice improvements for Xenforo when you compare popular forum/mediums - but look at Discourse!