Duplicate API for xf2.0


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I use a membership plugin - DigitalAccessPass.com - There is an API for xf1.x, but none so far for xf2.x. I have my WordPress site ready to launch using xf1.x. I would prefer to use xf2.x, but can't because of the API problem. Is there any possibility that there will be an API developed in the future? Thanks.

Chris D

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I think this has been explained to you before. There is no API in XF1 either. There is a couple of add ons you might be using now - either XenAPI or [bd] API but you would be better asking the original developers about that.

There’s no plans for an official API in the 2.0.x line though it is a popular suggestion (that has already been made) so it will be considered for the future.
Hi Chris,
I also use DAP digital access pass a really cool subscription membership plugin for WP with payment gateways, and yes, the creators implemented XenAPI for simultaneous login and group level content protection with subscriber access.

Veena Prashanth of DAP would like to integrate with XenForo 2.0 but has been unable to get access to what she needs to integrate. There could be increased XenForo sales with API integration to DAP which is growing fast, and works great with Xenforo 1.x.

Do you know if this is the kind of thing a XenForo Plugin developer could create with enough interest? The value could be discovered in a poll.

Thank you and Happy New Year!