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Lack of interest Another use for the ignore list

I often come across situations where two members disagree strongly with each other and they end up arguing about pretty much everything. So I get asked by member "A", "How can I block member "B" from participating in my threads so he won't troll me and throw the thread off topic"?

Now I can tell him to put member B on his ignore list, but that just hides that content from Member A, but everybody else still can read member B's trolling comments, which can be distracting.

So, it would be nice if there were a checkbox setting in a user's control panel that says, "Use my ignore list to block those users from participating in threads I start".

I think a setting like this would eliminate a ton of trolling.
The problem with the moderator model is that it doesn't scale well. Imagine if Facebook had to manually moderate every single post that appears on a user's timeline. Instead, they put the power into the hands of the user by letting that user hide specific posts from appearing on their timeline, hide inappropriate comments, and unfollow and unfriend users. All of that power lies in the hands of each user without any moderator intervention at all. I think this model is forward thinking and worthy of implementing in some form for thread starters in XF.


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Member have the ability to moderate posts on their own profiles.

Threads are public though so controlled moderation is better suited for those.


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Facebook only moderates flagged posts that break site wide community guidelines.

If you block a person on facebook they can't post on your wall. ie. threads that you create.
If you ignore a person on a forum, it could potentially be a nice feature to have the option to block them from participating in threads you create.

If user A & B are always getting into kerfuffles by causing trouble in each others threads this could be a handy feature.

If A ignores B they obviously don't want any interaction with that person, by blocking B from A's threads would almost a form of 'pre-moderation' for want of a better term. It's stopping user B from even seeing the thread and eliminating the chance it could all kick off again and moderators will have to spend time intervening and controlling the thread.

The thread ban feature would still come into effect and be useful if either user was causing issues in any other users thread.


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Facebook does moderate every single post, that's why you don't see porn and other inappropriate posts on Facebook.
No, not really. If you break there "community guidelines" then your account goes into moderation for x weeks, where x depended on the rule which you've violated.


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I think a setting like this would eliminate a ton of trolling.
A good idea, but better suited to an add-on rather than core XF functionality I believe.
You'd want to make sure that users that are members of xx usergroup can only block members from posting (they can still read) to their thread.
Try you idea in add-on requests forum.