XF 1.1 Animated avatars not working consistently


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I've browsed every thread on the subject front to back with no results. Here's where I'm at so far.

Forum is served with PHP-FPM, Nginx, and APC.

ImageMagick and imagick are both installed, confirmed via phpinfo. The option for ImageMagick PECL Extension is available and selected in XF under Options > Attachments.

Uploading is working properly confirmed by uploading attachments to threads. PHP and Nginx config upload limits are set to appropriately high levels for the avatars I'm uploading. No server errors are showing up in XF or Nginx logs.
  • Using stable packages from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • PHP Version 5.3.10
  • imagick module version3.1.0RC1
  • ImageMagick versionImageMagick 6.6.9-7
GIFs under 200px tall (speculation, didn't test with hard over/under limits) do not get resized at the large level and work animated in the profile. Larger images which must be scaled down for the large size are not working anywhere. ALL resized images are converted to .jpg. It seems ImageMagick is just being asked by Xenforo to output JPGs instead of resized GIFs even though other threads on the subject claim this shouldn't be the case.

To test:

The following are animated in the profile page:

The following images are auto-resized by the system and are not animated even in the l/ folder:

I know resizing GIFs isn't the most reliable or elegant thing on the planet, but I know ImageMagick does support it. As a test I took an extremely massive GIF and resized it to very small to check the results.

This GIF (1920x1080, not going to embed it. Possibly slightly NSFW though no nudity) gives this output from ImageMagick with no coalesce filter. As you can see there's very minor artifacting. Here is the same image put through a coalesce filter before resizing. All of this is done on the web server hosting XF to double and triple confirm that ImageMagick is installed and working properly on my end.

The first conversion with artifacts was done via:

convert -size 1920x1080 picl.gif -resize 192x108 pics.gif

The second conversion which is higher quality was done with:

convert picl.gif -coalesce temp.gif
convert -size 1920x1080 temp.gif -resize 192x108 picsc.gif

It would seem that XenForo is hardcoded to output a .jpg file no matter what. Ideally the imagick code would output the same file type that was put in which would allow GIFs to be properly resized and displayed anywhere an avatar is rendered on the forum. It would be even better if it could perform the -coalesce step as well, but that's rather CPU intensive and outputs larger file sizes so would probably be better left as optional if implemented.

Forgive me if this is all previously known information. Every thread I've seen on the subject said that with the current version animated avatars should work, at least in the profile field but that is only the case if they don't require resizing.


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I have this problem also in 1.2.

It's strange, putting the avatar in 96x96 in my profile page appears a link to data/avatars/l/ (animated) but in posts appear a link to data/avatars/m which is static.

If I use the full size animated gif, it's static in every place.