XF 1.2 All add ons have suddenly been disabled.


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All add ons on my site have suddenly been disabled yet they are still enabled in ACP.

I haven't made any changes nor was I updating or uploading any files to the server.

It just happened suddenly. No errors logged in ACP either.

Forum seems to be working fine other than this mysterious issue.

Any ideas?



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Search for enableListeners. If you are using a cache, and set the prefix to be the same, it's very possible that changes on one site can affect another.


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How can they suddenly disable though without anyone accessing config.php?

What should the code say for disabled and enabled. Just incase that is the cause. I hope it is.

At times, you may run into conflicts caused by add-ons. These conflicts may prevent you from accessing your control panel to disable the offending add-ons.
To fix this, you can disable add-ons via the library/config.php. Simply add this line of code at the end:

$config['enableListeners'] = false;


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All the addons still show up in ACP along with their options and settings. They're just not showing up on the forum. Except for Attachment Statistics. This shows but since this issue, it's not showing the stats.

Even disabling this addon doesn't remove it's side block.

But why would all addons disable and vanish by themselves.
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