Lack of interest "Enable all add-ons" not showing if add-ons are disabled manually

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XF 1.5.5a

Just recognized that if you disable all add-ons one by one after each other manually, the "enable add-ons" button is not showing after the last add-on is disabled (after page reload of course).

You have to enable one single add-on again, then click on "disable all add-ons" and then the button appears.

It would be desirable that no matter if disabled manually or via "disable all", the "enable" button will appear if no add-on is enabled or if it is present at all times, so that even if you have disabled 5 out of 40 add-ons only, you can enable them in one action.

If that is "as designed", I hereby ask you kindly to move this post into "suggestions". :)
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The concept is we wanted to have an easy way for people to disable all add-ons; often a crucial troubleshooting step but one that takes time if you have to click one by one. So clicking to disable will disable all the currently enabled add-ons and remember which ones were already disabled to make that reversible. To reverse the previous disabling process, the "Enable" button appears.

As such, this is as it was designed so I've moved it to Suggestions.
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