XF 2.1 Add-ons installed but not showing all the options


Hello all,

I am trying to figure out why my adds on do not show up under the add on tab. (See screen shot before you answer please) They are installed and are working, however based on what I have seen there should be links to them under the addons tab. As an example, due to them only showing up on the addons Hyperlink, as opposed to the tab, I am struggling with setting them up.

Here is what I have on my admin.php


Here is what I would expect based on tutorials


An I missing something? Considering this with multiple addons, I am assuming I am missing a config option somewhere in Xforo.

I am using Version 2.1.9


That is correct - they don't appear in the side nav.

Is that due to a version or an additional addon that they are able to?

My issue is that the tutorials all have it there, and that provides more options. In the specific case of Xencarta when they are not on the side bar I can only get to Options, but not pages (Which is what he is referencing)

And yes I already DM'd him for support