XF 1.5 Add-ons installed but not working at all


I know the instructions for this forum say not to post problems with add-ons, but I'm not having an issue with any one particular add-on. The problem is that NONE of them are working.

They're all installed correctly as they are listed as enabled and installed under the Add-on menu. Also, when I go into User Group permissions, the permissions options are available for each of the add-ons. I'm also using the default style.

Is there maybe a global switch I'm missing that's turning them off? Or do I need to clear the forum cache somehow? I have to be missing something...
You would really have to specify which particular issues you are having, but as you have noted, in general, issues with add-ons should be posted in the respective thread.
The reason for that is we are not familiar with add-ons and the functionality they provide, so we are unable to offer advice or support related to them.
I understand.

Ok, well let me just give you just a general example of what I'm doing.

I installed 3 basic add-ons: thread ratings (so you can rate each thread with stars), the ability for admin to change the date of a post, and the ability for an admin to change the author of a post.

As I noted above, when I go to the AdminCP > Add-0ns, all three are listed as enabled and installed.

All 3 have different permissions settings, but all permissions are enabled for administrators.

For the change date/author, I'm supposed to have a link at the bottom of each thread giving me the option to change the date/author of a post. Also, all users are supposed to have permission to rate threads.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though all the add-ons are installed on the back-end, no changes are appearing to the forum itself. It's as if I've never installed the add-ons at all. Any ideas what might be causing this? All the add-ons have good reviews. My forum is literally brand new and I don't have any other mods installed. The add-ons are really the first thing I'm trying to test.
That sounds like general permission issues.

You can use the permissions analyzer to determine how perms are being applied but really you're going to have to post in the add-on threads for any more support as we have no idea about those add-ons.
Thank you! That's exactly what the problem was. I had no idea there was a permissions analyzer, but that's definitely an awesome little tool! Thanks so much for your help! Problem solved.
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