XF 1.5 alerts are not working


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my members have reported this many times " they aren't getting any alerts even doe when they get tagged in posts messages discussions etc"
but im getting alerts is this permission issue does anyone know how i can resolve this?


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Look at analyze permissions for an affected user. I'm guessing the max mention alerts value is set to 0.

I am having the same issues. A moderator brought this to my attention today. I just checked his account and a few others. They are all set to 0 in the user permission panel, but the usergroups are set to unlimited. Is there a way to globally set this so everyone gets alerts?


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Unlimited would be overriding already. You should be able to confirm this through permission analysis.

My moderator group, and registered group are both set to unlimited. After manually changing a specific moderator's user permission it worked for him. Other moderators are also showing "0" as their user group setting, but they were still getting alerts. Very odd.