Not a bug Since update conversation alerts are not being sent and the ability to enter into conversations/start a conversation through own visitor tab not wrkng


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Affected version
XF 2.2.10 Patch 1
XF2.2.10 Patch 1

Hey I am sorry to bother you all but I just noticed that when someone starts a conversation with me, for example, that there are no alerts in my user tab - as there with other site activity. I think I MAY have seen ONE alert come through as a browser notification while I was browsing another site, but when I went to check, there were no alerts on the site itself.

Also and maybe I just never realized this, but it doesn't seem right... I've noticed that there is absolutely no place for me to be able to view my conversations.. nothing for it at all. In order to check my conversations, I have to go to someone elses' profile, click start a conversation and then goto "conversations" from the breadcrumbs...

Am I missing something or could something have gotten modified to cause this??

Thanks for any insight!
Are you using a custom theme or addon that may need to be updated to support new version of XF?

If you don't have this at the top of your screen then it has to be a theme causing the issue. You'll see the message icon between user name and notification icon.

Thanks for your reply @jeb35. I am using the newest @ThemeHouse @Dalton Prock ACE theme, but it has been updated to the latest release. Unfortunately the envelope icon doesn't appear.

I was thinking MAYBE it is because the alerts were pushed to me via the browser, but usually they stay in your alert history. I am also confused that I don't see any way to enter my conversation unless I go through someone elses profile as above.

Totally at a loss.
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