Duplicate  AdminCP / Spam Cleaner Log / Inaccurate Count


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On this page:

In the Spam Cleaner Log footer, it reads "Showing 13 of 1 items". I have a total of 13 listings at this time.

Expected Behavior: It should show "Showing 13 of 13 items", which is the accurate count.

Damnit, I was so used to not finding anything for so long. It turns out the code was only NEARLY perfect.

I doubt I'll sleep tonight. I think I need a drink. :ROFLMAO:


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Ack, how did I miss that. I know I forgot to look via search, but I did check the last 2 pages of bug reports/resolved and it seemed like a nice tucked away bug I thought was missed... Guess I won't underestimate that again! :oops:

Yep, was on results page 3!

Sorry about that, guys!