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[AddonsLab] Unread Post Count 1.5.1

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Why did the loading behavior change in 1.4.2? I get a lot of compliance from my community members. Is there a safe way to downgrade? (Where can I download 1.4.1)?
Same here. Weve never had to answer so many messages about something changing on the site


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This is getting annoying. Did a reinstall but still it is not working without refreshing the site. Please advise.


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Uninstalled and deleted version 1.4.2. Installed version 1.4.1 - all works fine now, but +5 (FIVE) queries to front page...


Is there any way to get this to work per thread, so that instead of just, say, a bold thread title, users can see a number indicating the number of unread posts in said thread in their watched items?


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Waiting for an xf version 2.2 supported version of this add-on.
I have made a quick test at my demo site with XF 2.2 with “[AddonsLab] Unread Post Count 1.3.0”

For me it is still working perfect without any problem or error. Did I miss anything ?


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Hello everyone!

There are no issues reported with XenForo 2.2 so far, and add-ons code is verified not to require any update. Please let us know if you see any problem and we will address it asap.

As for version 1.4.1, you download the package at https://xenforo.com/community/resources/addonslab-unread-post-count.5840/history

The changes and the objective behind them are described in the release update. The way it was done before would work just fine for most of users, but would fail on heavy boards. Only on overloaded boards it becomes obvious, that heavy queries run concurrently and try to update the database at the same time. With enough concurrent users this can lock-out other users as well, as the number of connections to MySQL server is limited, and if all of them wait for an operation to finish, even users on unrelated pages will not be able to connect.

For everyone having issues with the new implementation - we will need more specific reports of what does not work. The change isn't really that major, so I don't see how it caused so many reports. Basically, instead of doing

- During render navigation, check for cached unread post count, if it is missing - rebuild, send back the correct count

We do now:
- During render navigation, check for cached unread post count, if it is missing - return the current count, once the page finished loading for the user, rebuild the counter, so next reload sends back the correct count.

Please let us know your thoughts.

Thank you!


Version 1.4.1 works for me under XF 2.2.1
The version 1.4.2 does not.

As soon as a user logs in, the number of unread posts does not appear. I have to click on any forum/post first to see the number.


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How I can display new posts NOT from whats new, but from custom node? I want display unread post count from my articles node. I tried to do this, but there still displayed all unread posts from all nodes.


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I updated to the latest version. Now the unread post count doesn't show until there are more than 5 posts. Is this a bug or a setting somewhere?



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Is there a way to "rebuild" the unread post count? After upgrading XF from 1.5 to 2.2 all my users have around 20000 unread posts.


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Confirming a bug with 1.4.2 on XFv2.2.2....requires a page refresh before the Post Count indicator appears.

Dixie McCall

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Excellent! Worked great.

This works and looks great both on laptop and mobile. see attached.


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