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[AddonsLab] Unread Post Count 1.4.2

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  3. 2.2
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[AddonsLab] Navigation Badge 1.0.0
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The add-on shows the number of unread posts on What's New tab. This is the migration of XenForo 1.x add-on "Unread Post Count" by @Chris D and includes all its features. The option to configure the cache timeout is in "Threads, discussions and conversations" options group, as before.

As XenForo 2.x has introduced a new Navigation engine, we have created another add-on - "[AddonsLab] Navigation Badge", that allows any third-parties and admins to add different badges to any navigation item. The add-on is required for this add-on to work and can be downloaded for free at https://xenforo.com/community/resources/addonslab-navigation-badge.5839/

Any other navigation tab can show the number of unread posts by configuring it to use a callback for the badge with class name "AL\UnreadPostCount\Callback" and method "getUnreadPostCount". This is the default setup for "What's New" button after add-on installation.

The badge is added using default XenForo 2.x layout/styling, but it can be easily styled for each case using CSS only by using "nav{navigationItemIdHere}" class. For example:

.customBadgeContainer.navwhatsNew:after {
top: -10px;

will make the badge in What's New tab to be on the top-right corner.

The product is free and does not include any licensing code or any callbacks.

Support will be provided here in Discussion Thread or in our Support System at https://customers.addonslab.com/submitticket.php

Feel free to suggest further enhancements for the add-on or report any issues you have and they will be addressed asap.

Please consider posting a review if you are using the add-on and let us and other users know how it works for you.

Thank you!
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Latest reviews

Excellent. Very helpful for my community members. I had been looking for this addon for a while. Thanks to Member Gemma, I found it.
I love all of my add-ons, which I have many. This is the single most important add-on on my site. I have a home page, and this lets visitors know they have unread posts. It pulls them into the "What's new" page/tab. Thanks so much for porting Chris.D's add-on. I really think this should be part of the core XF, but I am at least happy to have this for my site. Works great! Thanks gain
This add on is great. Start using from the first version. It is really very useful. With last upgrade that includes mobile, it gets better. Many thanks for your support.
The latest addition to show in mobile view has made my day. My members have been asking for this every day since upgrading to XF2. What a great addon! Thankyou.
Thank you.
Sorry for my Google English. :)
Installed on the forum.
Everything works, it's the best I've seen.
Excellent addon and it's just what my forum needed and it works as advertised. And its a great addition to my forum, Thank you for making it!