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[AddonsLab] Post Limit Per Node 2.7.0

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Love this addon and your work.

Feature request:
display a warning or notice in the node where the user cannot post new threads.


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@rhodes Yes, it is possible by setting the permission Limit number of threads within time defined below to 1 and Time limit for threads to Unlimited.

display a warning or notice in the node where the user cannot post new threads.

The notice is already there, in the footer:


Thank you!


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Thank you.
I made 1 right to reply to a topic.
But you can write more than one message on the same topic. He cannot write to other categories when the limit is over. But he should write 1 message on the same topic, but he writes more than one.



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I have a problem that I am unable to resolve. Here is the situation - a user is member of Registered (primary) and Registered with access to marketplace (secondary) groups. There is a Marketplace category and those who are members of "Registered with access to marketplace" group are allowed to post.

Both user groups have Unlimited set for posts and threads (speaking how groups themselves are configured globally).

This is how the add-on is configured:
CleanShot 2022-09-18 at 22.00.25@2x.png

Category 208 is Marketplace category.

This is how permissions for that Category are set on group "Registered with access to marketplace":
CleanShot 2022-09-18 at 22.05.09@2x.png

The Registered group is set to inherit on this particular Node.

Here is the result of analysis of user permissions on any node in that category:
CleanShot 2022-09-18 at 22.06.13@2x.png
As expected, it lists Unlimited for both "Registered" and "Registered with access to marketplace" groups and also specific settings for Nodes in this category.

And of course, users are bypassing these limits. I understand that this is happening because Unlimited > 1 and Unlimited > 240, so Unlimited is taking precedence. But then how can I resolve this? I've tried setting 0 for count and time limits on both groups, but then it affects their posting ability on other nodes and categories.

Help! :)
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This add-on has a small bug in that it's using the higher value for the time limit, when logically it should be using the lower. For example, registered users can only post once per 336 hours in a particular node, but contributors should be able to post once every 24 hours. Using this add-on to control that, it's using the 336 value instead of the 24.



I liked what the plugin does, but I want the restrictions not to be per-node, but global by group. So that I can define that a certain group will not be able to post more than 5 messages in 24 hours throughout my site.
Is this possible in this plugin, or is it only for separate category permissions?