[AddonsLab] Post Limit Per Node

[AddonsLab] Post Limit Per Node 2.7.0

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Excellent add-on, does what it says and does it very well.

The permission model is extremely well-designed and gives a great amount of flexibility in control of a behavior in certain nodes or categories.
A great addon which i needed for my forum, after some mistakes by myself Author leaded me to the correct way how to setup it. Really appreciated and thank you again!
It's perhaps the most important add-on for large forums. That's all I can say really. Thank you, really.
very nice, working perfectly, best thing is this is FREE stuff, helped me to complete my special task with a pacific nod, Thank you.
This addon does exactly what you'd expect it to do, limit certain usergroups to a set number of posts and/or threads in a section. They really should charge for this.
A wonderful add-on, it was what I needed for my community and the developer was so kind to add a feature I asked for in a few days. I truly appreciate him and I wish him success, looking at how amazing are his add-ons. Recommended! :)
Thank you!
I love this add-on. So simple, so effective. Great to help manage forums like introductions, diaries, forums where there is no need for more than one thread by any user. Its free... why wouldn't you use it?
I was looking for this add-on installed and works efficiently.
Thank you so much for your effort and hope to see more free staff :)
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