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XF 1.3 Add https using cloudflare ?

I want to use cloudflare for the free ssl . I have done this with several wordpress sites with success . I am using xenforo on my site talkgear.net but before I start I was wondering if anyone had done this and what was the process ? Thanks Mike


XenForo developer
Staff member
XF will detect if HTTPS is being used and switch some things based on it. So ideally, you'll want CloudFlare to connect to your server using HTTPS as well (you may be able to use a self signed certificate for this).


XenForo developer
Staff member
Your style is loading Google fonts css over HTTP. When you go HTTPS, everything embedded needs to go over HTTPS. You'd need to modify the template (or whatever is inserting that embed) to use HTTPS.


Well-known member
It is something added to xf by an addon, a style or something you added.

You need to either find the template (maybe page_container_js_head) where it has been added, or find out whatever added that if you did not yourself.