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since around 6 months (maybe since the past xenforo update) we have to deal with a huge problem.
It appears on the starting page of our kubafoum - the websites name is www.kubaforum.eu and our current version is xenforo 1.5.22.
The index tab "active users" or "aktive Benutzer" should probide the visitors with the data about how many people are currently using the forum.
But exactly here is our problem. If you compare the Google Analytics data with what you can see in the index tab, you figure out, that the information on our website is wrong.

This is really frustrating because updating the version or asking in previous posts didn't do anything. And it looks like our forum is dead, even when we got 37 active users in that moment, our forum just shows up 2 or maybe 3 active users.

We would be very pleased if anyone could help us out in this situation.
For clarification you can find a screenshot of the data as an attachment.

Best regards


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