What is definition of "active users" and "views"


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I've tried to research this but am still unclear. I'd like to know how many registered members are logging on each day and, separately, how many registered members have viewed a thread.

That prompts three categories questions.

1. Who counts as a "user" in the daily "users active" ACP statistic: just registered members, or also unregistered human guests, or also unregistered robots?

2. Related to the above question, what does "active" mean in the daily "users active" stat? To be "active" does the user (whoever that is) have to just view the site, or have log into the site, or have to log in and actually click on a thread or make a post?

3. In the number of "views" that a thread gets, does the viewer have to be a registered member to count, or can a counted viewer also include any unregistered human or robot?
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