google analytics

  1. wen2018

    XF 2.0 How not to embed Google Analytics in conversation pages?

    I don't think conversations need to be sniffed by Google Analytics, so is there a way to exclude Google Analytics from conversation pages? Maybe wrapping <xen:if is="{$isConversation}"> around the analytics template works, but what would the isConversation variable be?
  2. V

    XF 1.5 Tracking outbound links with Analytics events

    I am interested to know how can I add outbound link tracking via Analytics. The code for event tracking is below, so since this probably falls outside templates, I suppose one of core files would need to be modified. <a onclick="gtag('event', 'click', { 'event_category': 'Outgoing Link'...
  3. R

    XF 1.5 Tags and Google analytics giving soft 404

    I'm getting lots of soft 404's in my google search console. All the URLs are /tags/ urls which as a member I can see. However google's bots can't and see a soft 404. (I can see this in the google fetch and preview). Can anyone advise on how to prevent this? I have the default xenforo...
  4. Finexes

    Unmaintained Local Google Analytics (with CDN support) 1.0.0

    IMPORTANT: This resource is unsupported! Based on this blog entry, I decided to create an add-on, as I finally wanted to fix the “Leverage Browser Caching” warning you get when you perform a speed test on your website. What does it do? It replaces the URL in the google_analytics template with...
  5. Neal

    Fixed [1.4.10] Google Integration - Google Analytics opens in same window

    When using the social options in the admin panel, all the links open their respective website in a new window. Google Analytics opens in the same window. I think this happens in all versions and not just 1.4.10. Not really a bug I know :)