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Unmaintained Local Google Analytics (with CDN support) 1.0.0

Fix that damn “Leverage Browser Caching” warning

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    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.5
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    IMPORTANT: This resource is unsupported!

    Based on this blog entry, I decided to create an add-on, as I finally wanted to fix the “Leverage Browser Caching” warning you get when you perform a speed test on your website.

    What does it do?
    It replaces the URL in the google_analytics template with the URL of your local analytics.js.

    • Enable/disable local Google Analytics
    • If you defined a CDN in your config.php, the analytics.js will be served via your CDN automatically
    • Cron task to automatically fetch analytics.js from Google and update your local file
    Unzip the archive and upload the contents of the "upload" folder to your forum root directory. Then go to "List Add-ons" -> "+Install Add-on", choose the unzipped .xml-file and import it.

    Go to "Options" -> "Statistics & Metrics", enable the add-on and set the absolute path to your analytics.js (e.g. /var/www/YOURDOMAIN/httpdocs/js/trg/local_ga/analytics.js):
    The cron task runs once a month (at the 15th during the night). You may change it to your needs.




    Just perform a speed test and you will see that the “Leverage Browser Caching” warning vanished.

    Coming soon.
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