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Local Google Analytics (with CDN support) - Fix that damn “Leverage Browser Caching” warning

IMPORTANT: This resource is unsupported!

Based on this blog entry, I decided to create an add-on, as I finally wanted to fix the “Leverage Browser Caching” warning you get when you perform a speed test on your website.

What does it do?
It replaces the URL in the google_analytics template with the URL of your local analytics.js.

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Does the addon do anything besides removing the warning and puting the google analytics template in your local path? i.e. Does it make the site faster?
Feature request:
I think much better to grab the analytics.js everyday not once a month.
Then append versioning/cache buster on the js file like:
Change the cache buster string once updated js file is downloaded.
Heads-up for others and @TRGCommunity that this no longer works and stops analytics loading as of XF 1.5.13, due to changes in the google_analytics template to force https.
The fix is to enable developer mode and adjust Local Google Analytics modification's of the google_analytics template. Change required:


<xen:if is="{$xenOptions.TRG_localga_enable}">{$javaScriptSource}/trg/local_ga/analytics.js<xen:else />https://www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js</xen:if>

Without this fix, the HTML output for calling analytics locally is broken. Eg...
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