Not planned Ability to name conversations whatever I want


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I'd really like the option to change one line of text in options and have conversations called whatever I want. Why? Cause I get about 1 of these a week


Chris D

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Almost certainly not going to happen. You’d have to use the phrase system to translate things to what works for you.

DragonByte Tech

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To provide my interpretation of the context to the above reply: To add a custom name into every single phrase that currently contains any permutation of the word "conversation", you would need at least two, possibly four, options.
  • lower-case, singular (e.g. "conversation")
  • lower-case, plural (e.g. "conversations")
  • upper-case-first, singular (e.g. "Conversation")
  • upper-case-first, plural (e.g. "Conversations")
That would mean changing dozens, if not hundreds of phrases to use the correct form. Furthermore, 3rd party modifications would all have to be updated with the same.

Secondly, adding these options would completely destroy translations. I know it is easy to forget, being primarily English speakers, that not every single language works the same way as ours.

In some languages, like Japanese and Chinese, a glyph takes the place of a word. Would that still work with this four-options system? Maybe? I don't speak any of those languages, so I couldn't say.

In some languages, like Arabic, an entire sentence may appear as one long "word" to English speaking eyes, with various diacritics being removed separately and in some cases vastly changing the shape of the... "word"... as a whole. Would that still work with this four-options system? Almost certainly not.

In short; is the potential benefit of not forcing legacy forums to change the phrases themselves worth the dozens of man-hours of work, plus destroying the ability for some of the more exotic languages (exotic to English speakers)?

No, of course it isn't, no-one is going to put in dozens of hours of work in order to make their product appeal to less people, that would be rather silly.

PS: If you're interested in some context to the statements I made regarding "what is a word" in this post, I can recommend this 3-minute YouTube video by Tom Scott: