Lack of interest Add ability to set default tab and tab order of member profile page.

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Currently the member profile page is set to default to the "Latest activity" tab. This seems a little odd to me. If I am clicking on a member name, to me the first thing I am looking for is more details on that member, not what they've been doing or posting. To me the "About" tab seems more like what someone expects when first clicking on a member name, with the other tabs being additional information available once you get there.

Others may think completely different, but it would be nice to be able to change this default tab without template editing (which I know can easily be done and there are already a couple of add-ons that make this change too). Seems like a simple option to add to a default install.

Along with the ability to set the default tab the ability to set the tab order of the other member profile page options would be nice too.
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