Ability to specify input name for various criteria helpers


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2.2.10 PL1
Currently, if one wants to add support for user searcher in their add-on along with thread searcher they need to go a long route (duplicating the code of both the templates to change the input name) or the not so long route (messing around post template render to change the input names) to make sure both the helper_user_search_criteria and helper_thread_search_criteria do not have the same input names.

Having the ability to change input name via something like this:
<xf:include template="helper_user_search_criteria">
    <xf:set var="$input" value="user_criteria" />
    <xf:set var="$criteria" value="$entry.user_criteria" />

<xf:include template="helper_thread_search_criteria">
    <xf:set var="$input" value="thread_criteria" />
    <xf:set var="$criteria" value="$entry.thread_criteria" />
would help a lot and automagically add support for various other add-ons that are extending those templates and the searcher.

Not really a bug but more of a feature request.
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