XF 1.5 A cookie problem (?) with two XenForos

We have two XenForo forums. They are under the same domain, but in different folders. Like this:

http://domain.com/forum1 (old forum, XenForo 1.4.8)
http://domain.com/forum2 (new forum, XenForo 1.5.4)

They have mostly different users, but some of us use both forums, at least me as an admin. I have a unsolved configuration problem, which I suppose might be cookie-related. I'd like to get an easily understandable guide how to configure the forums to avoid the occurred problem.

The problem:
If I login the old forum and then login also to the new one, the old forum kicks me out instantly. Vice versa, the same behavior if I try to login old forum when I am already logged to the new one.

I'll try that.

EDIT: Now it's OK. If someone other has the same problem, the Config.php options are explained in this list.
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