1. RastaLulz

    Logged In Cookie 0.1

    Overview: As the title suggests, this add-on sets a cookie for logged in users. This is particularly helpful if you want to implement caching for guests (through things like FastCGI cache, Varnish, etc.), as XenForo doesn't provide a reliable way to distinguish guests from logged in users out...
  2. Mystinen Metsätyömies

    XF 1.5 A cookie problem (?) with two XenForos

    We have two XenForo forums. They are under the same domain, but in different folders. Like this: (old forum, XenForo 1.4.8) and (new forum, XenForo 1.5.4) They have mostly different users, but some of us use both forums, at least me as an...
  3. au lait

    Unmaintained EUCookie 1.4

    This add-on is used on and can be tested in action here. This addon is a complete implementation of the new Google guidelines to inform the use of cookies on your website. It does not have to be used only for this purpose! Google gives the webmasters to 30 September 2015 period...