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  2. M

    Implemented Update Cookie Banner compliant to GDPR

    Hi there I want propose the implementation of the Cookie Banner to be compliant to the GDPR law we have in Europe. Right now the banner have only the possibility to click on "Accept" and this is not accordant with the law we have here about the privacy policy. To be legal here, that banner must...
  3. C

    Xenforo Cookies broke üäö subpages

    Hello! I switched from apache to nginx. Good. I have the forum in the root and a /wiki. If I want to go to a wiki page with a üö or ä the ü get to a ü and so far so that I can't join the page. If I delete the cookies it works. But with apache it worked every time. Why XenForo Cookies do that...
  4. K

    Unmaintained [MMO] Logged In Cookie 2.1.0

    As the name suggests, this add-on sets cookies for authorized users. This is especially useful if you want to implement caching for guests (through things like FastCGI, Varnish, etc.). After installation, the add-on does not need to be configured and starts working automatically.
  5. vFranky

    XF 1.5 Path and filename for Cookie Usage Info

    Hello, in this forum the cookie usage info is here => In my forum it is help/cookieusage/ But there is actually only a "file not found". The cookie message for new visitors is activated in XenForo configuration. But where can I configure the path and...
  6. Mr. Jinx

    Other Set guest cookie expiration

    Would it be easily possible to set the expiration of XF guest cookies to be longer than the current session? They are currently session based. If a guest dismisses a notice, or the cookie warning, it will come back once the guest closes and reopens the browser. I would like to set an expiry...
  7. BassMan

    [cXF] Cookie Notice 1.1.0

    Description: Customize the default XenForo cookie notice or make it float. It works also with advanced cookie consent notice (from XenForo 2.2.12). Demo on our site for floating cookie notice. for settings check Appearance > Style properties > [cXF] Cookie Notice < examples > ... this...
  8. RastaLulz

    Unmaintained Logged In Cookie 0.1

    Overview: As the title suggests, this add-on sets a cookie for logged in users. This is particularly helpful if you want to implement caching for guests (through things like FastCGI cache, Varnish, etc.), as XenForo doesn't provide a reliable way to distinguish guests from logged in users out...
  9. Mystinen Metsätyömies

    XF 1.5 A cookie problem (?) with two XenForos

    We have two XenForo forums. They are under the same domain, but in different folders. Like this: (old forum, XenForo 1.4.8) and (new forum, XenForo 1.5.4) They have mostly different users, but some of us use both forums, at least me as an...
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