XF 1.2 Problem with dual installation / board title (Solved)


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I'm running two installations of XenForo. Both private, both for testing.

The first is at

with a Board Title of Forums One

The second is at
with a Board Title of : Forums Two

Forums two was created with a tar of the files from the subdomain, and a mysql insertion of a backup from an SQL file. I've changed config.php and board location accordingly.
For some strange reason I cannot fathom is that now...say for example when I change the board title on Forum One.....it reflects it on the browser title Forum Two (and the link in the admin panel at the top right ot the public forums)
Until I go to Forum Two and look in the options, it's still as it should be. If I hit resave, the browser title changes to what it should be.
But then I go back to the other one....and same problem.

Is this making sense? I fear it's not :p

I thought it may be a cookie issue, but I've even tried setting up a completely different cookie for the subdomain in config.php (specific domain and a different prefix).

Have I just stumbled into a vortex somehow?
I'd just like to point out, the relevant Board Title in the AdminCP always stays as it should, as does the actual link at the top right of the Admin Panel.
It's just the browser title, and the display text of the link that keeps taking from the 'other' installation.
Completely ignore my posts!
Unless of course, you are a complete plum like me and have the xCache options in the config.php with the same prefixes. Change those to different values and surprise surprise it works.

Yes, I'm a nugget.
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