Anyone see a problem with Chrome keeping the login session/cookie?


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For some reason, my Chrome browser is not staying logged in. Once I login, everything looks good until I refresh or go to another page. This is only happening in Chrome.

I do have this in my config.php:

  $config['cookie'] = array(
    'prefix' => 'taf_',
    'path' => '/',
    'domain' => ''

And my forum domain starts with "forums":

Would that be causing any issues?

Those cookie settings are valid. I am not aware of any cookie problems in Chrome that would explain this.

Do you have this problem in other browsers? On other computers?

I can test it if you post the URL of the forum.
Have you recently changed your cookie settings? If so, the browser may be holding the old cookie settings. You should clear cookies etc and try again.
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