Anyone see a problem with Chrome keeping the login session/cookie?


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For some reason, my Chrome browser is not staying logged in. Once I login, everything looks good until I refresh or go to another page. This is only happening in Chrome.

I do have this in my config.php:

  $config['cookie'] = array(
    'prefix' => 'taf_',
    'path' => '/',
    'domain' => ''
And my forum domain starts with "forums":

Would that be causing any issues?


Jake Bunce

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Those cookie settings are valid. I am not aware of any cookie problems in Chrome that would explain this.

Do you have this problem in other browsers? On other computers?

I can test it if you post the URL of the forum.


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Have you recently changed your cookie settings? If so, the browser may be holding the old cookie settings. You should clear cookies etc and try again.