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Unmaintained [8WR] XenCarta (Wiki) 1.3.9a

A very "lite" Wiki alternative

  1. Jaxel

    Jaxel Well-Known Member

  2. Jaxel

    Jaxel Well-Known Member

  3. I've a question:

    with XenCarta there is the possibility to insert a template into another template?

    I've made some generic templates (image inclusion and standard text who is repeated many times in my Wiki) and I've made a template who had a parameter and a series of [if=]...[/if] to select the correct generic template.

    The result with 1.3.6 (and 1.3.4 too) is the inclusion of the text [template=...][/template] directly on my page without rendering it.

    There is the possibility to use templates into templates?

    I hope this request sounds clean. If not, ask me without problems and I try to clarify it :)

  4. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the latest update Jaxel.

    I seem to have found a limit for the amount of processing that can be done my the templating system in a wiki article. I've got quite a few google tables in one article and when I attempt to load it after 30 seconds the error is

    Any suggestions? I'm considering moving the google tables from wiki tables and into KK's BBCODE modification to see if this improves it.
  5. electrogypsy

    electrogypsy Active Member

    is there documentation for this? ive been trying to figure out how this all works. how do i edit/create templates?
  6. Moses

    Moses Well-Known Member

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  7. Craigr

    Craigr Active Member

    Quick question can we embed a WIKI page into a forum post? Think i saw we could previously, but cannot find it. :(
  8. kingston

    kingston Well-Known Member

    Jaxel, I am having trouble with people saving edits. I upgraded to the latest version a couple weeks ago (forgot when it was released) and I am on the latest version of Xenforo (1.1.2). I am not sure if the problem started when I upgraded which piece as they can be read fine and I did not test the ability to save. I have included a screen shot of the error. Any ideas?

    Attached Files:

  9. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    So because the pages already have the title listed, I want to remove the h1 page heading from page_container using conditionals. Can anyone tell me how I would go about checking if the page is in the wiki or not?
  10. Cees50

    Cees50 Active Member

    Maybe an easy question, but im trying to get the wiki sidebar in the wiki search results page. I changed EWRcarta_Search_Result by adding
    <xen:include template="EWRcarta_Sidebar" />
    But that doesnt work. Can somebody tell me if thats the right place?
  11. intradox

    intradox Well-Known Member

    [wiki]title[/wiki] for a link
    [wiki=full]title[/wiki] for embedding a cached ver.
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  12. boban

    boban Well-Known Member

    There is a problem with PHP page "Create New Page". The fild "File Path" has maximum length of 50 and it is a problem on windows os, e.g. myfile path is "C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\www\xen\library\EWRcarta\Wikiphp\Wikiphp.php

    Template: EWRcarta_PageCreate

    <dl class="ctrlUnit">
    <dt><label for="ctrl_content">{xen: phrase wiki_file_path}:</label></dt>
    <dd><input type="text" name="page_content" class="textCtrl" id="ctrl_content" maxlength="50" value="{$input.page_content}" /></dd>
  13. electrogypsy

    electrogypsy Active Member

    i noticed that this addon doesn't use the css from my forum template for links? my in message links are yellow, but the one's in my wiki are white. is there a way to change this? thanks!
  14. Dinh Thanh

    Dinh Thanh Well-Known Member

    Hi Jaxel,

    How to use this feature: Wiki-Like comparison engine?
    How to compare 2 items (in 2 pages)?
  15. Andy.N

    Andy.N Well-Known Member

    I actually want to do something a bit different.
    I like to remove the subheading section since it is exactly the title. And then I want to keep (History)(Edit) on that right side without the subheading title text.
  16. Chris D

    Chris D XenForo Developer Staff Member

    In the EWRcarta_PageView template you will want to remove this line:

    It is about half way down the template. It also appears at the top, but don't remove it there as that is the title that appears in the browser window.
  17. jackrouse

    jackrouse Member

  18. intradox

    intradox Well-Known Member

    Moved to the resource center I believe.
  19. jackrouse

    jackrouse Member

    Is this suitable for a football forum, to show results, squads etc ?
  20. intradox

    intradox Well-Known Member

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