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[8wayRun.Com] XenMedio (Media)

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I have some new information. If I set all permission to allow for unregistered group, they can submit media etc. However, the admin does not regardless of settings. I will try uninstalling, deleting DB table, then reinstall.
make me an admin on your forums after you've reinstalled...

I've managed to get the autothread creation system working!

I validated you and have admin permissions.
Problem has been fixed... Xarcell didn't understand XenForo's new explicit "DENY" permission setting and rather than leaving usergroups as "Default", he set much of their permissions to "Deny". Since all administrators are also considered registered users, it explicitly denied them administration privileges.
Okay, the error was my part as far as permissions go. I had everything set to allow in "admin", but I had things set to deny for "registered" usergroup. The deny for the registered usergroup over-rided the permissions for admin. Considering an admin is still considered as a registered user.

I normally use SMF, but am switching to xenForo. So the permission system was a little bit of a learning curve for me. Thanks to Jaxel for such a great mod and taking the time for helping me with my issue.
I had the same problem with the permissions. Got that fixed, works great! I am trying to get my XenPorta home tab situation fixed and will be looking at XenCarta before I figure out if I want to purchase any upgrades/copyright removals, etc. No matter, I will be donating/buying or some combination thereof of , just want to figure out what works for me and what I might use more than others.

Thanks for the great mods, Jaxel!
I have a request and wasn't sure where to post it. I was thinking maybe the tag cloud should be inter-linked the wiki? is that possible? I would like for my user's to be able to click something within the cloud, and it show a list of items from the wiki and media add-ons. I think this should be a separate add-on in itself however. I'm heading over to the wiki topic to post some suggestions there...
For some odd reason, videos that I have submitted are showing broken images instead of screenshot of the video.
I'm adding a BBcode for the media library... the problem is [MEDIA] is already taken and built into XenForo...

Anyone got any suggestions?
Very cool how this runs on some sites. Impressive mod :) Keep up the good work.
I would use something unique, not generic.

[jaxmedia] or something like that, or [jmedia]... I would seriously steer clear of [video] or such, as people then endup with conflicts with other softwares and want someone to change.
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