3D Printer anyone?


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Wow!! thats awesome.. Wonder how strong those compounds really are?

And we thought regular printer ink was expensive..

Luke B

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This sort of thing blows me away. Remember 10 years ago watching something like this in a movie and thinking "no way can that ever be possible". But yet, here we are...


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I watched this a few days ago and I still wonder how they scan the inside moving parts. I don't think that scanner does it.


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I am building my own and actually have for a while (because I have other things going on but basically instead of trying to build a cnc LOL or a water jet another LOL i opted to go with this for rapid prototyping)...redesigning the frame for this one to be less mobile and more heavy weight and permanent like a floor mounted machine with a feeding system.

People also make extruder heads for it and make it build electrical circuits but it's not limited to that...just consider the machine itself a cartesian coordinate system and any tool you can mount can do anything assuming you know how to design a tooling pattern.

I need to finish this thing...but yeah I am glad I am not the only one that thought this was awesome enough to do something about :)




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I'll be really impressed when someone combines the two so we can have working chocolate wrenches.
LOL I can picture kids getting away with out doing any work in shop class ..."my dog ate my tools..." that is until the teacher sees you walking your dog the next day.:)