Not a bug  2 Bugs to be fixed


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Can you explain point 1 more?
What do you mean by nodes display order?

As for point 2, it's not really feasible these days to expect web sites to be optimised for 56KB connections.
1- i have a XF Beta 3, and there's 9 Categories in it and when i want to move one of them 1 or 2 steps up or down it just don't do it, it's like there is a MySQL to PHP connection problem .
2- i thought that XF was for all people, well here's a newsflash 40% of the Eastern side of the Earth is still using slow Modem connections because of some nations and goverments issues .


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Nodes are ordered using the Display Order field.

I take your point on general connection speeds but XenForo is actually lighter than some other forums so in that respect will already perform better over slow connections.
at first thank you very much for considering my bug report.
2- you're fully right !!, XF is the the lightest but it is light using Ajax or jQuery which are both practically the same thing with reupdating the page.